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Million Dollar Speakers Club

The Million Dollar Speakers Club is the answer to the professional speakers top questions, “Where can I find a mastermind group of individuals who are as serious as I am about becoming a top-ranked professional speaker?” and “How can I find a mentor who has truly succeeded in the professional public speaking industry?”

The Million Dollar Speakers Club is the answer.

Steve Siebold, world-renowned keynote speaker, author, and mental toughness trainer will guide a selected group of professional speakers through a 12-month program of mentorship and support.

***Unfortunately, this awesome opportunity is not available at the moment. However, joining our waitlist will secure your spot in the application pool next year.

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Zero to Paid Professional Speaker
in 12-months




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Personally mentored by the late Bill Gove, Steve Siebold, is the author of 11 books on Mental Toughness Training that have been translated into 6 languages. As a professional speaker, Steve ranks among the top 1% of income earners worldwide. Steve’s work has been featured on every major television network in the United States and Canada, and his interviews and articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today and hundreds of other publications around the world.

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